• Client

    Own Project with VMNTS

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  • Technologies

    Symfony, Android, NFC

CHKin is an in-house project developed with VMNTS. It’s a service to manage access-control in large infrastructure projects or events. CHKin it’s formed by a web application, a mobile Android application and NFC devices to identify people and resources.

Desktop WebApp

  • Project settings
  • Initial project configuration
  • Massive data loads
  • Management Dashboard
  • View Information in real time
  • Automated Reports
  • Project notifications

Mobile App

  • Access Control (workers and machinery)
  • In site configuration
  • Instant access to resources information based in NFC devices
  • Resources state records
  • Real time data send
  • Notifications

NFC Devices

The interaction between the mobile application and workers and machinery is done through NFC devices (bracelets, key chains or stickers).

Approaching your smartphone to NFC device, the mobile app is activated showing all the resource information and allowing interaction with it.

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