22 December, 2017 Quality Devs

What is a developer and why do you need one

What is a developer?

A developer is a software architect, just like a “traditional” architect does with a building, they ensure that the application or web works correctly, is secure, supports the passage of time, is easily modified and adaptable.

Quoting Wikipedia, “a developer (who is often referred to as an analyst-programmer), is a computer specialist who is able to conceive and develop computer systems (software packages), as well as to implement them and put them into point, using one or several programming languages ​​”.

Why is it necessary to have a developer?

Because web projects are carried out in order to improve the user experience in the digital environment with your company.

What companies need a developer?

Nowadays, any company needs a multitude of technological services to reach its customers. Sell ​​your products, manage your resources, optimize your business processes, etc.

The reality is that few are right when it comes to finding the product or service they need the first time.

We all know who to turn to when we are sick, if we need plans for a reform, if we need legal advice or any other professional service, but curiously few know who to call when what they need is a web page for their company, an intranet for their employees, a mobile application or a video game or any other type of development.

In most cases, the client ends up hiring a marketing agency or any of the forms that this type of agency can take.

The number of denominations they can have is overwhelmingly high. The result is usually a project with a person engaged in commercial work, an account manager, one or more highly talented creatives and finally with a team of developers or programmers with whom the contact doesn’t exist (and they are usually outsourced).

In the best case, the client will have an application or web page that at first glance is very beautiful, intuitive and fulfills what was promised, but as a general rule, it will also lack many important things such as stability, scalability, security, etc.

To put a simple analogy, we have asked the interior decorator to design the house from the ground up.

The development of computer applications is a fundamental part of an Engineering, and like all engineering, requires well qualified engineers, with extensive knowledge and experience, and with proven work methodologies.

And who should help you with an application development?

A developer! And the right place to find it is a development agency.

If you are thinking about carrying out any type of web development, mobile application, custom development or videogame, contact a company specialized in the development of computer applications in the first place.

You will ensure you have a solid foundation on which to work and grow. Once you have it, contact a marketing agency to help you spread it, position it, etc.

If you have had a developer to do it, all those changes will not be a problem! Do not start the house on the roof

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