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Why do I need a mobile application for my company?

Mobile applications (Apps) are not a fad, it is important to make this clear because there are numerous companies that sell “templates” to create a mobile application, which will never be useful for the end user.

We will start by defining what we mean when we talk about a mobile application or App.

According to Wikipedia “a mobile application, application, app or app (shortening of the English application) is a computer application designed to be executed on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices and that allows the user to perform a specific task of any type – professional, of leisure, education, access to services, etc.-, facilitating the management or activities to be developed “.

For us, Quality Devs, an app is a tool for mobile devices that makes it easier for the end user to interact with a specific company.

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What is a developer and why do you need one

What is a developer?

A developer is a software architect, just like a “traditional” architect does with a building, they ensure that the application or web works correctly, is secure, supports the passage of time, is easily modified and adaptable.

Quoting Wikipedia, “a developer (who is often referred to as an analyst-programmer), is a computer specialist who is able to conceive and develop computer systems (software packages), as well as to implement them and put them into point, using one or several programming languages ​​”.

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